The Glass Eye

Formula Drift - Seattle

Travelling a few hours south of the border with the infamous Ricemoney, I was immersed in the smell of rubber and roar of nitrous fuelled machines ready to eat through a year's worth of tires in a matter of minutes.

Formula Drift is a combination of finesse and power and I was lucky enough to attend Round 5 of the annual competition at Evergreen Speedway in Seattle.

Representing DuPont Registry, my goal was to capture the grit and power of the atmosphere, where drivers like Forseberg (point leader) and crowd favourite Vaughn Gittin Jr. Emerged out of the smoke like superheroes. The crown however, was awarded to Darren McNamara and his 1000hp Falken Tire Nissan S14.

A big thanks to BRE Motorsport for the generous tour of their state of the art trailer that contained enough parts to virtually rebuild their car from scratch.

Too many people and teams to thank so I'll let the photos do the talking.