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Journey to Haystack

The end destination was Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach but the journey started in Seattle at Pike Place Market.

With both our stomachs and the car fueled, we headed to Portland. Upon arrival, there was a distinct character about the city. The buildings were old and elegant, the arts were celebrated and there was pretty much something going on everywhere. Whether it was the weekend market, street performers or just designated 'hangout' areas where people ate, played chess and enjoyed life.

We packed our bags after one night's stay and headed off to Cannon Beach. After some fun twisty roads we finally arrived and our first steps on the sand took our breath away.

We stayed at the historic Cannon Beach Hotel where we enjoyed a light breakfast and headed to the nearby town of Seaside where we met a friend.

We had tried several restaurants in Cannon Beach but when it was time for lunch we headed back to the hotel to eat at the newly opened Cafe that exclusively serves lunch. The menu is simple and affordable with a little French inspiration. This was hands down the best food we had on the trip. My recommendation is the chicken, brie and strawberry sandwich followed by a Chai Latte cupcake for dessert.

That evening, we headed back to the beach for one last bon fire to cap off what was a truly magical getaway.

Nima Zadrafi2 Comments