The Glass Eye


An Homage to Woodkid

Originally wowed by the music video for "Iron", I began to follow Yoann Lemoine's (aka Woodkid) work in both video and music. Iron was followed by "Run Boy Run" and "I Love You" which all form a narrative to be concluded with the launch of his debut album "The Golden Age." Leading up to this, my goal was to keep my expectation low or at least realistic. The reason this was proving difficult was the immense talent that Yoann possessed as an artist in the truest sense of the word. A musician, animator, director and most recently a singer, Woodkid has defined his own genre filled with orchestral brass, strings and heavy percussion. The Golden Age doesn't feel like an attempt to "sell to a demographic" but rather an experience being told through visuals and sound with no regard for who may necessarily be listening. Suffice it to say that any expectations I had were shattered.

The absence of colour from his videos is a trademark and as an homage to The Golden Age, here are a few photos inspired by Woodkid, in black and white of course.