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A Weekend Away on Pender Island

We had been to Pender Island once before and the experience was amazing. The island is quiet with very little "stuff." Everything is simple, natural and raw - a nice change from Vancouver. Plus, this time we rented a cabin considered architecurally significant so we thought this would be interesting too. Little did we know how great the experience would be.

A lot of people complain about the long ferry rides but I'm the exact opposite. I like the anticipation of going somewhere, and being stuck on the water forces you to spend some time just thinking. I packed my notebook in anticipation to have a way to write down ideas etc. I took the photo below while thinking of my next photography project.

Aside from Tintin, there were a few horses to keep us company on the ferry ride.

Finally we arrived. 

Tintin was a happy little guy when we arrived at this oasis. The home we rented is designed and owned by Everest Lapp, a local architect. It was a real honour to meet Everest and her husband, Daniel. Two amazing people who opened up their home to us which turned out to be an experience we won't ever forget.

What made the design of the home beautiful and aesthetically surreal was the fact that nothing seemed to be designed arbitrarily. Everything had a purpose. Every wall, every surface, every everything! In the words of Dieter Rams, the design "left room for our own self expression." 

After settling in, we hopped in the car and attempted to absorb the beauty of the island.

When we arrived back, we met their big orange cat, appropriately named Pumpkins. Pumpkins (sex unknown...) was not the biggest fan of puppy energy so he made sure to keep a close eye on Tintin at all times.

Things really started to look amazing when the sun was getting ready to set. 

Good night Cabin.

We woke up early-ish and decided to explore a few hikes. The Southlands Trail ended up being one of the more interesting ones, even though it only lasted about 10 minutes. As we made our way into the forest, we heard what sounded like a giant animal just feet away. We soon realized that it was a massive bird that had flew in and landed straight above us. Soon there were about 7 of them, circled around us up in the trees. I'm still not sure what they were but I managed to capture two of them. I'm no bird expert but they definitely had a vulture quality to them.

Along the road, we came across this little stand. Operated with the honesty policy, there were some fresh veggies and flowers to pick from and little slot to insert your payment.

It was very sad to say bye to our temporary home. Thank you again Everest and Daniel.




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