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This Should Give You a Cuteness Overload for the Week

Wait until you scroll down and you'll see what I mean by cuteness overload. The Richmond Animal Protection Society (RAPS) is a no-kill shelter, meaning if the animals don't get adopted, they aren't put down! Katherine and I have adopted two cats from this shelter and recently decided that instead of sleeping in on the weekends, we would dedicate a couple of hours per week to help out. I was also asked to snap some photos of the animals for an upcoming fundraising gala in October and I thought I'd also post some of the photos here in hopes of getting the word out about RAPS to anyone thinking of adopting a pet.

Yes. This tiny ball is a baby rabbit. The mother was brought in injured but managed to give birth to this healthy little guy and his 7 siblings.

Beaten up by crows and dropped 15 feet, this little guy had a punctured lung and wasn't expected to make it. The amazing folks at RAPS weren't willing to give up on him and after some antibiotics and TLC, he's well on his way to recovering.

This little kitten was born with her bottom half completely paralyzed (I feel like Sarah McLachlan music should be playing....). But unlike us humans, she doesn't feel sorry for herself - she's one of the most active cats at the shelter, climbing her perch and playing with her toys without a care in the world.

So if you're thinking of adopting a pet, give RAPS a visit at the end of No. 5 Road in Richmond. Check em out online at: and follow them on facebook.

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