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A Sneak Peek: One of the Most Unique Experiences in Vancouver

We go to restaurants not only for food but for an experience. Few businesses realize that we aren't there for their only for their product or service but rather the experience we will have with that product/service. One local business that has understood this down to the finest detail is "East is East" restaurant. I'm not a food critic so I'm not going to get into writing about the food further than the following: The food is amazing and the chai is like no other.

The decor is also consistent down to the smallest detail - the chairs, tables, rugs, ceiling, stage etc... you truly feel as though you've stepped into another world when you enter.

Finally, there is a great selection of local musicians performing EVERY NIGHT! It's somewhat unfair to discuss the food, decor and entertainment separately because when you visit the restaurant they blend together into a complete experience like no other in the lower mainland.

I've become a regular and have had the privilage to get to know several members of the staff and regular musicians and couldn't recommend the restaurant more. The photos you see above are a sneak peek from their yet to open third location on Main St. (expected to open in May or June). The seating arrangements at the new location certainly seem to suggest 'dinner and a show' as nearly every table in the restaurant has a great view of the stage.

Check them out when you have a chance and I'd highly recommend an evening visit in order to catch some of the live music. You can check out their site at